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Single Stage End Suction

If you need to move liquids at high speeds, a pump is useful across a range of industries. In many cases, you'll want a single stage end centrifugal pump. These devices are installed in industry to safely and effectively transfer liquids or to supply a liquid, for instance water, to a place such as a building that requires it. Alternatively, single stage centrifugal pumps may be used on locations such as farms, for instance as part of an irrigation project.

Single stage end suction pumps aren't always used to ensure a supply of liquid over a long-term period, either. The pump may be utilised to keep a supply of liquid going just long enough to put out a fire, for example. A single stage end suction centrifugal pump might also find a use in heating an area or keeping the air circulating as part of an air conditioning system too; its application doesn't have to be limited to liquids.

The types of pump available vary by manufacturer, but common styles include the non-self priming pumps. These centrifugal devices are useful if you want to move a liquid that's clean or thin. The Grundfos range typically includes many devices designed with this application in mind. Meanwhile other pumps are specifically designed for particular liquids: if you're dealing with a hot liquid for example, consider the Lowara brand, which manufacture units for this purpose. Another manufacturer involved in single stage end suction pump construction is Calpeda. Calpeda's pumping systems are electric-based and are aimed towards a range of sectors, from the leisure industry to agriculture. Calpeda's manufacturing process focuses on bronze and cast iron and the company is able to supply pumps for use in wells.

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