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Flotec VIP Submersible Drainage Pumps

Flotec submersible drainage pumps are ideal for an emergency situation or general use and have been designed to run for long periods of time without faltering. These durable, reliable underwater pumps can handle large volumes of liquid and are equipped with high-efficiency motors that allow them to perform in a variety of waste-water applications.

The pumping capacity of Flotec submersible drainage pumps varies depending on the model and pumps can be utilised for domestic or commercial use as required. The gallons per hour capacity of each pump is a reliable indicator of how much waste water can be pushed up to the surface and submersible drainage pumps are a far better option than jet pumps when you need to force fluids upwards.

All models in the range of Flotec submersible drainage pumps include a sturdy handle, waterproofed power cable, insulated plug and an integrated automatic floating switch, ensuring ease-of-use and simple manoeuvrability. The whole pump can be fully submerged and it is ideal for use in mound systems, floods, effluent-gravity sewers, laundries, underground parking and basements prone to flooding, storage facilities and other general areas that may require water removal.

The pumps are made from the highest quality materials and designed to withstand long periods under pressure. The components have all been moulded to ensure longevity and each submersible pump and housing is watertight and can withstand the rigours of being fully submersed for a lengthy duration of time. The thermoplastic design provides durability and the power cord is completely submersible to ensure maximum operational efficiency with no risk of shortages or shock. Flotec submersible drainage pumps are ideal for domestic and commercial use and the range includes models to suit all capacity requirements.

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4 Products

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