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Grundfos JP4 Pumps and Sets

Grundfos JP pumps are horizontal, self priming, centrifugal pumps that are used for pumping fresh water or other non corrosive liquids. The pumps can be used in fixed positions or may be transported when necessary. The pumps are straightforward to maintain and cost effective to run.

The JP pump model can be used in domestic applications as well as for commercial and industrial tasks. These may be garden watering or supplying pressurised water to taps.

The main features of the two pumps are:

-       Stainless steel housing and impeller AISI 304
-       The motors have excellent corrosion resistance as the paint is applied by electrophoresis
-       Carbon and ceramic seals
-       IP44 motor with insulation class F
-       These single phase models are protected from accidental overload by a built in thermal protection installed within the terminal box
-       Operating voltage 24V, 50 Hz

The JP pumps can be fitted with a press control that enables an automatic operation. The pumps start and stop automatically when a tap is opened or closed. There is also protection from dry running. There is an automatic reset and a built in flow switch reduces the pumping stop and start operations and so increases the pump's working life.

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4 Products

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