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Grundfos Pressure Vessels / Tanks

Grundfos GT diaphragm and bladder pressure tanks can be used in a range of domestic and industrial settings, where a controlled pressure is needed. These include:
- domestic water systems
- booster systems
- expansion in heating and chilled water systems
- irrigation systems for horticultural and agricultural markets

The tanks can be combined with any Grundfos pump. The high quality pressure vessels have an optimal water supply and can be used for drinking water. One of the benefits of the Grundfos GT tanks is the reduced number of pump starts required. The pumps can be used with a liquid temperature of up to 99oC and have a maximum operating pressure of 16 bar.

There are three different tank models, offering individual features and benefits depending on the installation requirements.

GT tanks come in sizes ranging from 8 to 3,000 litres for vertical installation. The tanks produced in 24 to 80 litre sizes can also be used in horizontal installations.

GT-H tanks are fitted with a non-toxic butyl rubber diaphragm and the tank chamber is split into 2 separate compartments. The upper compartment is filled with compressed nitrogen and the lower one is lined with polypropylene and filled with water from the system. The Grundfos GT diaphragm tanks are maintenance free.

GT-D tanks operate on the same principles, but have a double diaphragm.

GT-U tanks use a replaceable, non-toxic butyl rubber bladder, which is surrounded by compressed nitrogen. The bladder is the only element of the tank that is in contact with the liquid.

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