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If your pump breaks, you might need spare parts to fix it. Although it may seem easier to replace the pump, it is often more economic to fix it. That’s why you should consider buying spare parts for your swimming pool or water pump if it needs fixing.

Lowara and Calpeda are the main swimming pool pump manufactures and their pumps are essential for the safe maintenance of your pool. Swimming pool pumps keep your pool in good condition while keeping the chemical balance and desired temperature of the water just right.

In domestic hot water systems, the main pump is the Grundfos circulator pump. It plays an essential role in circulating water around your heating system so you can access hot water at any time throughout the day. It uses water and energy very efficiently. Replacement pump heads and terminal boxes are available as well as servicing for the Grundfos pump.

Mono pumps are used in the industrial market for oilfield, mining, agriculture and wastewater. They are renowned for their expertise in pump manufacturing and replacement parts are a quick and efficient way to fix their pumps if they should break. There are many spare parts available for Mono pumps such as motors, hardware kits, pump bodies, seals, stator kits, rotor kits and coupling kits.

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