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Lowara CO Solids Handling

The Lowara CO Series of centrifugal pumps have an open impeller and use the AISI 316-grade stainless steel that is suitable for handling aggressive liquids that contain suspended solids.The CO-COM Series comes with high-efficiency PLM (product lifecycle management) motors. They have the following civil and industrial applications:

  • • Metal part washing and metal surface treatment
  • • Packaging industry produce washing
  • • Washing of food industry machinery and equipment
  • • Dyeing and textile industries
  • • Industrial plants operating viscous liquid transfer and circulation with only slightly aggressive liquids
  • • Industrial and commercial washing machines and dishwashers

The pumps feature a centrifugal pump set that is close-coupled, with a single impeller, and where the delivery and suction ports are threaded. There is an adaptor for coupling the pump to the motor. It is possible for the user to key the impeller directly into the extension of the motor shaft. It has a compact construction with an adaptor for motor-pump coupling. The pump is designed so that you can pull out the back panel. Specifications:

  • • Liquid delivery of up to 54 cubic metres per hour
  • • Head up to 24 metres
  • • The temperature range of the pumped liquid in the standard version should range between -10 degrees C to +120 degrees C
  • • The maximum working pressure is 8 bar
  • • The CO350 model can handle suspended solids of a diameter up to 11 mm, while the CO 500 model will take suspended solids up to 20 mm in diameter

The motor is an asynchronous, squirrel cage rotor enclosed in an aluminium casing with external ventilation. The motor will function within a maximum ambient temperature of 40 degrees C. All components in contact with the pumped liquid are made of AISI 316 L stainless steel. The mechanical seal in the standard versions is made of carbon/ceramics with FPM (fluorocarbon rubber) elastomers. The mechanical seal in "K" version models is made of silicon carbide/tungsten carbide with FPM elastomers.

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