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Shower Pump Accessories

At Online Pump Supplies we provide shower pump spares for a number of different manufacturers, including Grundfos, Salamander Pumps and Stuart Turner. Shower pumps can be installed in a variety of applications to boost power and improve the performance of showers, wet rooms and other bathroom fittings. As more and more consumers demand a higher output from their shower, the requirements necessary of a shower pump have increased.

The Grundfos Watermill range includes four different models: Danube, Niagara, Nile and Amazon. These shower pumps operate on a low voltage, making them safe to install, and have anti-vibration features to reduce the noise levels. These are high performance shower pumps that are both durable and reliable. We stock shower pump parts for these Grundfos models, including head kits and flanges.

Salamander Pumps manufacture regenerative and centrifugal shower pumps. The CT Xtra regenerative range is easy to install and can boost the water supply to a variety of shower fittings. The CT Force regenerative models operate with either a twin or single impeller. They can be used in a number of different applications to improve the performance of a shower. At Online Pump Supplies we can supply you with the right shower pump spares for your Salamander pump. Our range of spare parts includes flanges, head kits, blending valves, couplers and cold water storage kits.

There are three individual models within the Stuart Turner shower pump range: Monsoon, Showermate and TechFlo. These can all be used in a number of applications, within houses and apartments to boost the water supply to baths, showers and basins. All these shower pump parts have been designed to work effectively and efficiently when installed into the appropriate pump. If you have any difficulties sourcing the correct part, one of our expert team will be on hand to help.

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