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Self Priming Pumps

If you are looking for a petrol water pump, here at Online Pump Supplies we stock a selection of great value petrol driven pumps. At Online Pump Supplies we are known for stocking the best brands at the most affordable prices and our Flotec petrol driven pumps offer the highest level of quality.

With various models to choose from to suit your requirements exactly. Petrol driven pumps are an ideal choice for use in places where access to a mains power supply is not available, as the pump can be used independently from an electrical supply.

A petrol water pump can be operated for a variety of uses including the irrigation of lawns and flowerbeds, the cleaning of floors and patios when using water supply from wells and rivers, and a petrol driven water pump can also be operated to fill or drain expansion tanks, sumps and wells in addition to other uses.

Online Pump Supplies selection of petrol driven pumps are available with various capacities to cater to both domestic and commercial uses, choose priming pumps from 1.4L to 3.6L capacity. Manufactured from a high quality aluminum, petrol driven pumps are both strong and durable meaning you can rest assured that these long lasting pumps will see you through job after job.

If you would like to learn more about the great selection of petrol driven water pumps currently available to buy from Online Pump Supplies, please browse the products below to find out more about the different specifications of each petrol water pump. For further information on the huge range of other drainage products we offer at Online Pump Supplies please feel free to contact us by phone or simply continue browsing the great value products on our website.

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