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Lowara (e-)HM/HMS Series

The Lowara HM, HMS and HMZ Series of horizontal multi-stage centrifugal pumps have been replaced by the e-HM Series. These pumps have been specifically designed for residential applications. The new design features:

  • • The latest in hydraulic systems and efficiency to ensure low operating costs and a 30 per cent energy saving compared with earlier models.
  • • High-quality bearings, together with a thick sheet metal casing.
  • • A heavy-duty metal pump body to minimise noise.

The e-HM residential pump is able to ensure a consistent and reliable supply of water to most domestic buildings, from single family homes to ten-floor apartment blocks. It is made from AISI 304 and 316 stainless steel with mechanical face seal and O-ring options. There are four versions available:

  • • A Bare pump.
  • • An on-off system combined with a pressure switch and a pressure tank.
  • • A semi-constant pressure system with a Genyo brand electronic pump control.
  • • Teknospeed variable speed control and a constant pressure system.


  • • Liquid delivery of up to 29 cubic metres per hour.
  • • A maximum head of 160 metres.
  • • Single and three-phase 50 / 60 Hz power supply.
  • • A power rating that ranges from 0.3 kW to 5.5 kW.
  • • A maximum operating pressure of 16 bar.
  • • The temperature range of the pumped liquid should range from -10 degrees C to +120 degrees C.

There is a wide range of configurations available so that the pump can meet specific domestic applications, such as water supply and pressure boosting to heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The e-HM Series can also be used in:

  • • Industrial washing and cleaning.
  • • Washing machines, including car washing.
  • • Water treatment such as ultra and nano-filtration systems and softening, demineralisation and ionising systems.
  • • Heating and cooling in industrial processes.
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