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KSB Hya-Rain

In the current economic climate, and with the continued focus on environmental responsibility, households are always on the lookout for ways to save money and reduce their impact on the environment. Fortunately, rainwater harvesting is becoming a more viable option. There are various products on the market to get you started, and KSB's Hya-Rain Eco system is a great option to consider. It is a compact design, and with its energy-saving build and easy installation, it is well-suited to domestic use, even on smaller or terraced houses.

The Hya-Rain eco system is delivered ready to use; just plug it in. If you have the capacity, the system can also be used with underground cisterns or storage tanks in the basement or cellar. The rainwater harvesting systems have various additional uses, such as for irrigation systems or re-using grey water, e.g. from bathing. The pumps are energy efficient, running a self-priming multistage system with exceptional results, and their integrated protection to prevent lack-of-water damage means they are also very reliable.

Its intelligent system switches over to mains water supply automatically, but only when the rainwater tank is empty, and even then it only supplies the volume of water actually required. The Hya-Rain Eco rainwater harvesting system is straightforward to install and easy to use with simple operating instructions. It comes with a comprehensive set of accessories to enable users to mount the system on a wall, and to connect to the public water supply and consumer lines. For those serious about saving money and reducing their carbon footprint, a Hya-Rain Eco rainwater harvesting system is an excellent place to start.

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