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Cast Iron Blagdon Pumps

BlagdonPump.com offers a wide range of pump types for all manner of applications and uses as well as a number of accessories. There is also the option of ordering a bespoke pump to your exact specifications. Our popular B and X Series metallic pumps are easy to maintain due to their simple design and construction with a bolted build for extra stability. All pumps in these ranges are self-priming and can handle pressures of 8.6 bar (125psi) and utilise reliable pneumatic air valves. A number of the B Series pumps are also available in non-metallic construction.

We also hold a range of robust PTFE pumps, available in virgin and conductive PTFE types. Each pump is completely chemically inert and ATEX tested for performance and safety. Also in the B Series are our Hygienic pumps for working with food. Complete with a range of of DIN/RJT and Ferrule connections to choose from, these pumps are self-priming and capable of dealing with high viscosity and S.G. situations. All our hygienic pumps are certified CIP cleanable.

A number of FDA pumps are available in electro-polished stainless steel. These pumps are fitted with 1 inch suction/discharge fittings and are capable of handling a flowrate of 58 litres per minute. For those needing to deal with a much higher flowrate, we offer high pressure options that pump up to 350 litres/minute (92 gal/min) while reducing vibration to a minimum.

We also offer the AP50 submersible pump, a centrifugal pump that self-lubricates with an internal oil reservoir. This high-intensity, spring-loaded pump is perfect for underwater needs. Pump accessories such as pulsation dampeners, flanges, filter regulators and centre sections can also be ordered from our site.

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