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Ama-Porter offers a range of submersible motor pumps designed to be flexible enough to handle any dirty liquid. They can even process water contaminated with solid substances, gases, even long fibres thanks to the large passage in the free flow impeller. As Ama-Porter motor pumps are fully submersible, they are a great choice for domestic or commercial use. For example, clearing flood water. The motor is a pressure-tight, encapsulated squirrel-cage, ensuring a reliable, hard-wearing product.

The submersible pumps are of a vertical, close-coupled design, and with the Intelligent Control System (ICS) innovation, the motor pumps operate effectively without needing floats or control panels. The motors are covered by an integrated overload protection and have either a single-phase a.c. 230V motor, or a 400V version. These versatile Ama-Porter pumps can be fully portable, or for a more permanent solution, there are pumps that come with a pump set and installation kit for a stationary option.

The shaft is constructed from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, which prolongs the life of the pump. The wetted bolts are also stainless steel, making them easy to service and to dismantle if required. The bi-rotational mechanical seal offers another long service solution, and the ICS means that seals are not glued. There is a switch to monitor the temperature, and together with the oversized motor, the Ama-Porter motor pumps offer a reliable pump that will continue to operate even when under heavy-duty conditions. All in all, the Ama-Porter motor pumps offer a great solution to deal with all types of dirty liquids.

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