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Alpha Domestic Heating Products

The Grundfos ALPHA2 L is an advanced energy efficient domestic circulator. It can be used in a range of domestic circulation heating systems. They are suited to systems where there is a constant or variable flow and a need to optimise the pump duty point, or where there is a variable flow / pipe temperature.

The ALPHA2 L can be operated as a variable or fixed speed system, meaning there is no requirement for separate pumps. They offer the highest possible energy savings when compared with older fixed speed systems and already meet EuP legislative requirements. The pumps feature permanent magnet motor technology, which achieves extremely low energy consumption: the usage can be as low as 5 watts.

These pumps are of the canned-motor type, which means the pump and motor are part of an integral unit. There is no shaft seal and only 2 gaskets for sealing. The bearings are lubricated through the pumped liquid.

In modern systems, radiators can be operated independently via thermostats. This can lead to a high differential pressure when demand is low, resulting in noise from the thermostatic valves. The ALPHA2 L pumps have variable speed modulating modes. They adapt to changes in conditions and the different heat requirements of the building and control pump pressure more effectively. This enables the pump to match its performance to the needs of the system, which limits the amount of noise created when the thermostatic valves are closing down.

These pumps are easy to fit into both new and existing systems. It is simply plugged in and there is no requirement to open the terminal box.

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