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Aluminium Blagdon Pumps

Our range of Blagdon aluminium pumps is part of the Metallic range, which also comes in stainless steel. For years, those in the know have regarded Blagdon pumps as the work horses for handling liquids considered to be 'difficult'. And what's more, the pumps can deal with low pressures and light flows. Aluminium pumps are great for transferring liquids, dealing with slurry or other liquids containing some solids and even filter feeding. They can empty drums and fill tanks, so they offer a huge degree of flexibility. Aimed at general industry, they could also be used in domestic premises, and the aluminium pumps, as well as other materials, are all fully submersible.

The aluminium pumps are a lightweight option and they are both compact and portable, so they are suited to both industrial and domestic situations. Nevertheless, the operating manuals should be read thoroughly before use, and the pump should only be used for its intended purpose. Check that the pump is fully grounded before starting operation, and check that all fittings are tight in the first instance.

Blagdon aluminium pumps operate at low noise levels, and their simple design means they can be stripped down easily for cleaning and general maintenance without the need for specialist tools. The pumps can run dry without any risk of danger or damage to the pump. Flush the pump and relieve the air pressure before storing your pump for any length of time. We are happy to discuss your requirements with you and answer any questions you might have.

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