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Flotec Pump Accessories

Flotec provides a whole range of accessories for your water or heating oil pump, so rather than buy a whole new machine you will usually be able to upgrade the component that has worn out. Filters and cartridges are popular accessories, as are suction hoses and flexible hoses depending on whether you mostly pump or suction your water. Rubber seals and jubilee clips are available too for those that become weather worn. Pressure gauges, float switches, hose connectors and valves are also standard accessories with the Flotec range.

Each accessory has a unique part number so once you know this, you can search for the part number with any company you know that might supply it. Some second hand accessories turn up on online at a cheaper price to new ones. As long as the part number matches the one you are looking for then this can be a viable option.

If you no longer have the instructions for your Flotec pump and need an accessory for it but don't know the part number, then you can search online for your water pump to find an exploded diagram which will include the part numbers too. Many online sites have this facility. From here you can take a note of the part number and find a replacement. Alternatively you can contact Flotec themselves with your pump model number and they will be able to tell you what part number you are looking for. Of course there is always the local repair and maintenance shop to turn to if you would rather ask a professional to find the replacement part for you.

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