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Robusta Drainage Series

Available in two models, the 200 and the 300, the ABS Robusta Light Drainage Pump is ideal for draining pits and cellars in addition to removing wastewater containing solids up to 10mm in diameter. The ABS Robusta is a submersible pump and the pump and motor section form a pressure tight unit to ensure the product is fully flood-proof. The housing for the motor is constructed from corrosion-free material, ensuring a long life, while the outer jacket and impeller are made from highly durable plastic. The rotor shaft is constructed from stainless steel and features lubricated for life ball bearings, adding to the hard-wearing nature of the unit.

One of the unique features in the design of the ABS Robusta Pump is the combined hand and auto switch, meaning that the unit can be controlled either manually or automatically. The pump is also fitted with an automatic float level control and a check valve which blocks return flow when the unit is switched off. The pump is prevented from overheating by the presence of thermal sensors which automatically turn the unit off when it reaches a certain temperature. It will even automatically switch back on once it has cooled down. In any event the fact that the liquid being pumped helps to cool the motor, renders the chance of overheating very unlikely.

The ABS Robusta Light Drainage Pump comes ready for immediate use and features a hose nozzle that has been designed to accommodate two standard hose sizes. It is fitted with a standard Euro plug with 10 metres of cable.

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3 Products

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