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Pond Pumps

At Anchor Pumps we stock a number of systems that are suitable for use in domestic ponds. The pond pumps are submersible and come fitted with a float switch to provide automatic on and off controls.  If you require a pond water pump, we have a range in stock from leading manufacturers, including Flotec. Flotec submersible pumps provide solutions to a range of water problems, including the requirements for pond pumps. They are easy to fit and use, providing homeowners with a reliable solution to their outdoor water-pumping needs.

These pumps have the capacity to pump at a maximum depth of 7 metres, and the maximum size of particles that can pass through them is 25mm. A Flotec pond water pump is extremely reliable and durable. They are able to operate for considerable periods of time without any issues, making them ideal for use in ponds and other garden features. They have the capacity to deal with large amounts of liquids, with varying pumping capacities depending on the particular model.

As well as being used as pond pumps, the Flotec submersible systems are also suitable for applications that require the drainage of domestic grey waste water or standing water. This includes emergency situations where a basement or cellar has flooded, providing both a flexible and practical solution.  With such a range of uses, submersible pumps provide a cost-effective product for your pumping needs. For further information on the capacities and uses of each individual model, you can browse through our catalogue of products. Alternatively, please contact us if you have any questions.

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