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Grundfos MQ

The Grundfos MQ is a compact and reliable water supply system. This model is a multi-stage centrifugal self-priming pump. It can be used in both domestic and small industrial settings, including agricultural and horticultural.

The system can supply water and boost pressure in a number of environments, including domestic properties, summer houses and out buildings, greenhouses, farms and large public and private gardens. Previous industrial applications have included water purification systems. The system is suitable for pumping both potable and rain water and can boost pressure from either water tanks or a mains supply.

The Grundfos MW offers a number of advantages for users over alternative models. It is resistant to corrosion, allowing it to be used for clean water; operates with minimal noise levels; offers dry-running protection and is maintenance free. There is an all in one pressure booster system, where the pressure switch and tank are pre-built into the system. There is an automatic on/off component to protect the system when no water is running and an anti-cycling feature to stop it continually switching on and off if there is a dripping tap or small leak.

It is simple to install, with an easy to angle outlet pipe connection to fit existing pipes. Once fitted, the system is straightforward to work, featuring a user friendly operating panel. There are clear lights to indicate operations and an alarm system to notify of dry running or overheating. The system is self-priming from a well depth of up to 8 metres and takes a maximum of 5 minutes.

Technical data for the Grundfos MQ:
Liquid Temp: 0o - 35oC
Flow, Q: Max 5m3/h
Head, H: Max. 48m
Op. Press: Max 7.

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