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B-CT, B-T (M) Bronze Peripheral Pumps

Calpeda B-CT and B-T (M) bronze peripheral pumps come with a pump casing and lantern brackets manufactured in bronze. The pumps are also fully painted and so do not require extra surface protection. The bronze components provide a durable casing and can be cheaper than the entire cast-iron pump design. They have a close-coupled construction with turbine impellers. The B-CT and B-T (M) peripheral pumps are useful for cleaning up non-aggressive liquids that do not contain any abrasives or solids in suspension. They are ideal for mounting on air-conditioning or cooling systems.

The B-T (M) 61 E and the BT (M) 70A, B-T (PM) 78 A and B-T (PM) 80 E bronze, 240v peripheral booster pumps are able to handle pumped liquid temperatures in the range between -10 and +90 degrees C. It operates in an optimal ambient temperature of 40 degrees C. The one-inch discharge and suction ports have screwed connections and provide a total suction lift of up to seven metres. This pump is suitable for continuous operation.

The B-CT (M) is a compact, less-powerful pump that will work with liquid temperatures up to 60 degrees C within an optimal ambient temperature of 40 degrees C. As with the B-T versions, it also has one-inch ports for suction and discharge and will provide a suction lift of up to seven metres. It can also operate continuously. The pumps are also capable of boosting the water pressure from local networks in those areas with low mains water pressure. The pumps come in 50 and 60 Hz versions and special mechanical seals can be provided on request.

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