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Unimat Alpha Pressurisation Set

The Calpeda Unimat Alpha provides a complete pressurisation set based around a single pump system. It has a bronze and steel construction with brass fittings. This provides a sturdy and reliable build quality and corrosion resistance.

The Calpeda Unimat Alpha pressurisation system is designed to be used with closed-circuit applications in temperature regulation systems. It can be used in either a heating system or a cooling system. The set includes a sturdy plastic storage tank with an 18 litre capacity and a type AB Airgap, 1/2” ball-type float valve. The system also includes a peripheral high-powered impeller pump which is capable of pumping 38 litres of water per minute at a maximum operating pressure of 4 bar.

The pump is made from bronze in order to provide both strength and resistance to corrosion. It includes built-in thermal protection and capacitor. The pump requires a 230-240 volt power source to operate and has a wattage of 0.33kw. This set is a complete pressurisation solution and comes complete with all the necessary fittings and accessories. This includes a base plate made from mild steel which has been powder-coated for a longer lifespan. The Calpeda Unimat Alpha set also includes a pressure-reducing valve, 0-6 bar differentiating pressure switch and 0-6 bar pressure gauges. This is everything needed for complete, effective maintenance and monitoring of pressure within the system. The set also includes a non-return valve, fused spur and a 5 litre accumulator. In short, the Calpeda Unimat Alpha Pressurisation Set is a complete pressurisation solution for closed-circuit heating and cooling systems. Based around a single pump, it is easy to install and provides reliable pressurisation.

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