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Air Operated Diaphragm

At Online Pump Supplies we stock a wide range of high quality, low priced diaphragm pumps. All our products are from top brands ensuring that we deliver only the best in quality, service and reliability. Brands that we stock include Blagdon and Versamatic, which are both recognised as the world’s leading pump manufacturers.

A type of positive-displacement pump, the diaphragm pump works to move a quantity of liquid with each revolution of the pumping element. Found in a wide range of applications including chemical and beverage processing, these pumps can also be used for biotechnology and pharmaceutical purposes. The compact design and operation efficiency make diaphragm pumps a versatile and popular choice. The pump’s continuous flow, regardless of mass, and its ability to handle high pressure make it ideal for working with a range of liquids.

Our series consists of a selection of pumps designed for a variety of requirements, and whether you are looking for a diaphragm air pump or electric diaphragm pump, we have the right product for you. All pumps in the series are designed to cope with a variety of applications including paint, adhesives, oils, ceramics or hazardous chemicals. Available in a variety of different materials to cope with different applications and environments, we also stock spare parts and accessories.

If you would like to learn more about the selection of diaphragm pump products currently on offer from Anchor Pumps, or about any of the other drainage products available on our website, simply contact us by phone or continue to browse our online store for more details.

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