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UPS/D Light Commercial and Commercial Circulator Pumps

The UPS-UPSD range of light commercial head circulators and terminal boxes are generally fitted as replacements for older models. They are designed to circulate liquids in domestic and light commercial heating and hot water systems: for example, in:

- One or two pipe heating systems
- Main pumps
- Zone pumps
- Boiler shunt pumps
- Pumps for heating surfaces
- Solar heating systems
- Heat pump systems
- Geothermal heating systems
- Heat recovery systems

UPS pumps are available as single or twin head models, as well as a choice of 50 or 60 Hz options. These 3 speed circulator pumps can be fitted within an open or closed system. They are a canned-rotor type of pump, where the pump and motor are part of an integral unit. This requires no shaft seal and only 2 gaskets for sealing. The bearings within the system are lubricated by the liquid that is pumped around.

The circulator pumps are available with either corrosion resistant stainless steel or bronze pump housing. They provide users with a maintenance free system, which has low noise levels and uses the minimum amount of energy. The easy to read display highlights the amount of power the system is consuming.

The pumps can run at a maximum operating pressure of 10 bar and are suitable for liquids ranging from 15oC to 110oC. They have a maximum flow of 10 m3/h and a maximum head of 12m.

UPS and UPSD pumps are straightforward to install and have an external plug for connecting to the electrics. There are a wide range of accessories available for these models.

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