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AGAP and MEDIGAP Pump Sets

Calpeda AGAP and MEDIGAP pump systems are designed for the prevention of any possible contaminated water backflow into the water mains. The pump simultaneously maintains the network equipment system supplied with cold water. These pumps are made from stainless steel or bronze and are provided with an automated control system fitted on to a base made of mild steel. This comes with a cistern for the storage of cold water. The system complies with British 1999 water regulations concerned with an AB type air gap at the user or discharge points of non domestic quality water. It is also constructed in accordance with BS 6281 Part 1 standards.

The AGAP pumps are made in bronze or stainless steel depending on the customer's request. The cistern is constructed in polypropylene while the valves are made of brass with plastic floats. All fittings and sensor are in brass, the housing is made of nylon and the membrane is in nitrile. The AGAP motor is a 2 pole, TEFV (Totally Enclosed Fan Ventilated) that can be supplied as a single phase, 240v or a three phase, 240 / 400v, 50 Hz system. There is Class F insulation and IP54 fire protection.

The MEDIGAP systems are speciality designs that are suitable for non-domestic quality water. They prevent the contamination of mains water supplies while still maintaining the water flow and pressure. Their specific application is for dentists' chairs. MEDIGAP pumps are made entirely of stainless steel while the cistern is polypropylene. The valves are brass and the base is mild, powder-coated steel. The accumulator is made in mild steel with a butyl membrane and stainless steel flange. The motor is a single phase, 50 Hz, two pole, 230 v, TEFV with Class F insulation and IP54 fire protection.

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