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Lowara Ecocirc Domestic Circulators

It’s no longer enough for a domestic heating pump to simply circulate water. These days it also has to be energy-efficient and quiet in operation. It is thought that around 10 to 15 per cent of domestic electricity use goes on running the heating pump.

The Lowara Ecocirc range is designed to meet the latest EU regulations for reducing household energy consumption. Rather than having the three fixed speeds of a conventional pump, a Lowara domestic circulator is electronically controlled for variable speeds. This means it should pay for itself within a relatively short time.

The reliable and highly efficient design of a Lowara domestic pump means it’s suitable for a range of domestic heating applications. It can be used with conventional radiators or with underfloor systems and can be used on one- or two-pipe set-ups. It’s also suitable for use with solar hot water installations.

The Lowara Ecocirc has minimal moving parts and an anti-block device, which together help to guarantee that it’s reliable and also quiet in operation. Microprocessor control ensures accurate speed settings. It’s easy to install too, with pre-wired cable for the electrical connection and no special tools required. It’s also suitable for use as a direct replacement for pumps made by major manufacturers.

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