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Jet Booster Pumps 240V

Stuart Turner is a well-known and trusted name with over a century of experience in the design and engineering of reliable and high-quality products. The company specialises in innovative design, producing a range of pumps and pump products designed to boost and transfer water and similar liquids across a wide range of applications. Renowned throughout the UK and across international markets for the quality and reliability of its product range, Stuart Turner is a market leading brand.

The Stuart Turner Jet centrifugal range of pumps has been designed to deliver non-potable water at high pressure from a cistern or water tank. Intended for cold water use, the Jet range of pumps self prime up to 5 metres. They provide an excellent low-cost solution for a variety of applications where high pressure and high flow are both required. Available with two sizes of motor, the Jet pumps provide flow rates up to 80 litres per minute and heads up to 45 metres. All pumps come complete with a power lead connected to a 13 amp plug and feature a manual off/on switch and a carry handle.

Jet pumps are intended for water within the temperature range of 4–35 degrees Centigrade in a maximum ambient temperature of 40 degrees Centigrade. Manufactured from stainless steel with plastic impellers and seal options of EPDM /carbon/ceramic, the range is backed by a twelve-month guarantee. The Jet Boostamatic pumps offer completely automatic flow and pressure switch control, whilst the Jet Pressure range includes a diaphragm tank of 24 litres which provides a buffer of stored water of 12 litres.

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8 Products

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