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Dosing Pumps

There are numerous occasions when it’s necessary to add chemical treatments to water supplies. It may be for an aquarium or swimming pool, waste water treatment, an industrial process or marine use. For all of these, a dosing pump that can accurately meter chemicals into the water is an essential piece of kit.

The ProMinent Beta Solenoid pumps come in a range of types and sizes that are able to handle flows from 1.1 litres up to 11 litres per hour. They use solenoid metering for accurate control to meet user requirements. Much more efficient than earlier models, they also offer energy savings and have an LED display to make it easy to spot warning and error messages.

For higher-capacity dosing pump uses, the Prominent Delta Solenoid Pump has capacities up to 29.2 litres per hour. These pumps are highly efficient, meaning that users can avoid the need for additional pulsation dampers and flow controls. An optional measurement module allows for connection to a sensor for chlorine, pH and other levels, eliminating the need for a separate controller.

The Gamma X pump has more features, including an alarm relay to indicate faults and an LCD display. Solenoid control means there is no need for a separate pressure sensor. For really high capacities, the Sigma1 motor-driven pumps offer a capacity up to 1,040 litres per hour. These have a removable operating unit and automatic over-pressure cut-off. Having a separate operating unit means the pumps are easy to adapt for different applications.


At a drip, or “flat out” with maximum flow rate, in tropical temperatures and where possible in really acid environments: Dosing pump requirements are as varied as the possible applications and uses.

Lutz-Jesco has therefore developed special solutions for each area of application. Our extensive range of products start from cost-effective, magnetically-operated diaphragm dosing pumps, through the "muscular" motor-driven diaphragm dosing pumps, up to the piston dosing pumps for high pressure requirements. These are used for dosing fluids with highly varied viscosities, most of which are chemically aggressive and toxic, and some of which are actually abrasive or emit gases.

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