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ML Range

Then Mono ML pumps are a series of positive displacement pumps used for a wide range of light domestic and industrial applications. The pumps work by displacing a known liquid volume with every pump element revolution. The liquid is trapped between the stationary casing and the pumping elements. The pumping elements are pistons, vanes, gears, screws, lobes and hoses.

The advantages of the positive displacement design are its versatility and ability to handle high viscosity fluids. The pumps will continue to operate despite differential pressure and are able to handle high differential pressures. The ML range of pumps comes with a standard IP 55 enclosure. The motors are either three phase 0.55 kW power rating, 400 V or single phase 0.75 kW power rating and 115 / 230 V. The ML range has the highest pumping capacity of the Mono M range of pumps.

The CML 263, 400V Mono ML model is self priming and can be used in drainage, the emptying of pits and septic tanks. It can even draw water from rivers, streams and wells. With a maximum pumped liquid flow of 52 litres per minute and a suction head of 5.5 metres, it can also be used for moving any non-aggressive fluids such as vegetable oils, plating solutions, water based ink and diesel.

The CML 25, 240 V Mono ML model pump has a suction lift of eight metres and a maximum pumped liquid flow of 52 litres per minute.

The CML 243, 110V Mono ML model pump can achieve a maximum pumped liquid flow of 52 litres per minute up to pressures of 3.45 bar with a suction head of eight metres.

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