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Stuart Turner Pump Accessories

When installing a pump for a range of different applications, there are a number of different accessories available to enhance its operation. Whether you are looking to improve the overall output of the pump in the situation it is placed in, provide easy access to controls, or to configure the pump to work automatically on sensing the water level in a tank, Stuart Turner has manufactured a selection of accessories. These are compatible across the range of pumps to get the absolute best from your appliance.

If you are looking to control the operation of your pump without needing to access the pump itself, a control module will allow you to do just that. Remotely operating your pump, control modules will work in both negative and positive plumbing systems and have inbuilt protection against dry running.

A float switch is a useful addition to tank filling systems, allowing the water in the tank to be controlled based on the level of the water in the tank. Float switches can be configured to control how a tank is filled, or emptied by setting the switch to cease when the tank is empty (with low level cut-out), or when the tank is full (the opposite high level cut-out).

Mounting pads are used to help combat the problems associated with the sounds created when shower pumps are running. The pads provide useful acoustic insulation reducing the impact of noise, which is useful in apartment buildings and the like. Staying with showers, a Stuart flange provides a useful hot water feed direct from the hot water cylinder to the shower pump, limiting the risk of air being introduced into the supply.

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8 Products

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