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Salamander Home Boost

Boost your water pressure with a pump. It's not uncommon for houses to suffer from poor water pressure. This might be due to the location of the property in terms of its distance from the mains pipes, or to losses caused by the house's internal pipework, especially if there are several floors. If you have low mains pressure, you can have problems with appliances like dishwashers and washing machines not working correctly. It can lead to poor combi boiler performance too and also mean that it's difficult to get good performance from a shower, or that the flow of water from taps is reduced when other water using appliances like washing machines are in use.

These days though there's no excuse for putting up with poor water pressure in your home. There is an answer in the form of mains booster pumps like the Salamander Home Boost Pump. These are quick and easy to install and ideal for improving combi boiler performance or boosting mains pressure generally.

The exact type of installation will depend on what kind of boiler you have to provide your heating and hot water, and on the style of your property, but Salamander pumps are fully compliant with the regulations governing water fittings. It's best to take expert advice from a plumber to ensure you get the correct pump set up for your needs. With quiet operation and a two year guarantee though, a Salamander Home Boost Pump is an easy way to improve your home's water pressure.

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3 Products

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