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Sanitary Pumps

Macerator pumps provide a convenient method for disposing of food and sanitary waste water into drains and public sewers. These pumps can work efficiently in most domestic sanitary facilities, such as toilets, shower trays, dishwashers and washing machines.

The Saniflo range of macerator pumps comes in a range of colours to match a bathroom’s or cloakroom’s decor. A toilet macerator pump can be installed unobtrusively anywhere, such as behind the toilet itself or behind a wash basin.

The toilet flush will activate the pump automatically. The pump grinds down the waste and dispatches it to a sewer or other soil pipe over 50 metres away. It can also dispatch waste vertically over a distance of four metres.

The same process will work for a macerator waste pump in a kitchen or utility room that is located quite far from a drain. The pump will move waste up to 50 metres horizontally and four metres vertically, or a sloping combination distance of the two.

The Grundfos Sololift 2 macerator pump is a very powerful domestic pump whose design has been adapted from industrial uses. This includes a self-cleaning grinder and tank, avoiding the need to use environmentally harmful chemical cleaners. The tank floor is designed to slope, ensuring that there is no build-up of sediment at the bottom.

The Grundfos pump can withstand temperatures up to 90 degrees C, so it is ideal for use with washing machines and dishwashers.

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