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NM4 Flanged End Suction

The Calpeda NM4 series are four-pole centrifugal pumps that have flanged connections and are suitable for the following applications

  • • Clean pumped liquids that do not contain abrasives and have a solids content of less than 0.2 percent
  • • Water supplies
  • • Air conditioning, cooling and heating
  • • Residential, commercial and industrial applications
  • • Application that require a low operating noise level
  • • Domestic and commercial irrigation

Construction and materials

Electrically-powered motors in the NM4 series of centrifugal pumps have an extended shaft that is connected directly to the pump.

The pump casing and lantern bracket for the NM4 model are made from cast iron of G20 UNI 5007 standard. There is a bronze version – the B-NM4 model – where these components are made from G-Cu Sn 10 UNI 7013 standard bronze alloy. The I-NM4 model has the pump and lantern brackets made from Chromium- Nickel – Molybdenum AISI 316 stainless steel.

The impellers for both the NM4 models is made from the G20 UNI 5007 cast iron while in the B-NM4 model is made of G-Cu Sn 10 UNI 7013 bronze alloy. There are also brass impellers available for the NM4 and B-NM4 models made from P- Cu Zn 40 Pb 2 UNI 5705 brass alloy. The impeller in the I-NM4 model is made of Cr – Ni – Mo AISI 316 stainless steel.

The shaft on the NM4 model is of Cr Ni AISI 303 steel for power ratings up to 1.1 kW and Cr AISI 430 steel for power ratings from 1.5 to 75 kW. The B-NM4 model has a Cr – Ni – Mo steel impeller while the I-NM4 impeller is made of Cr – Ni – Mo AISI 316 steel. All of the models have a carbon ceramic mechanical seal and have counter-flanges of Fe 430B UNI 7070 steel

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