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Swimming Pools and Accessories

At Online Pump Supplies we have a wealth of experience and expertise in pump systems, including swimming pool pumps. We make sure that we stock only the best products using top brands that offer our customers the highest quality, reliability and provide value for money.

As essential components in swimming pool installation, we provide an extensive range of swimming pool pumps as well as pool heating pumps, which are both fundamental to the operation of a swimming pool or spa. The pump is used for circulating pool water to ensure that the treatment chemicals are evenly dispersed and that the water is not left stagnant. Swimming pool pumps are essential devices for efficiently filtering a pool and leaving you with clean and safe water to swim in. We stock a range of swimming pool pumps to provide you with a comprehensive selection to choose from.

Pool heating pumps offer an efficient and effective way of heating a swimming pool throughout the year, making the water more comfortable and significantly extending the usage period of the pool. Heating pumps are an environmentally friendly alternative to heating swimming pools. The pump uses advanced technology to capture the heat found in the outside air and transfers it into the swimming pool water.

If you would like to learn more about the selection of swimming pool pump products currently on offer from Online Pump Supplies, or about any of the other products available on our website, simply contact us by phone or continue to browse our online store for more details.

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