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Flomate Mains Pressure Booster Pump 240V

If you live in a property where there isn't enough power in your shower, or when you are using a tap in one room you can be sure the taps in another will struggle to pour forth a drop, then you know you have a problem with the pressure in your mains water supply.

But don't worry, as there is a cost-effective, simple and beautifully designed solution to the problem. The Flo-mate mains water pressure booster pump from Stuart Turner will rectify the problem of intermittent or low water pressure. The pump is compact and easy to install and removes the need for the addition of an extra cold water tank, which is great news if you are short on space. By connecting into your incoming mains water supply the Flo-mate can deliver 1.5 bar of additional pressure up to a flow rate of 12 litres a minute. If your mains water pressure is intermittent rather than just low, never fear as the Flo-mate has a bypass built into it to allow flexibility so that performance is not impacted when the mains pressure exceeds 1.5 bar pressure.

The boost meets all the UK standards for water regulations and has been WRAS approved. You can be confident that this system is reliable and built to high quality standards, and when you register your pump details online your guarantee is extended from one year to two. Awarded a patent from the UK Intellectual Property office, the Flow-mate booster pump is a fine example of the engineering excellence that Stuart Turner has become well known for.

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