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Flotec Pumps

Flotec pumps have a variety of pumps for domestic and business water systems. The range includes garden pumps to transfer water to artificial streams and waterfalls and emergency pumps to remove water. Flotec water pumps can last for years and have been designed to the highest standards.

To boost water supply in a house, farm, garden or market garden which uses water from a well, a Flotec submersible pump is economic and energy-efficient. They can fit in a water well of four-inches wide or more, draw water from up to 150 feet deep and are made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel. It is also able to pulverise sand and debris due to the floating stack design which reduces sand resistance and locking as it is pumping.

Two-wire pumps have all of the start controls within the motor and the superior three-wire pumps require an additional control box. Control boxes can be mounted with the start components above the ground which makes it easier to replace the box, without removing the pump from the ground, if needed.

Flotec pump parts include a pump rebuild and overhaul kit with a seal and gasket, impeller and diffuser. Pressure switches with a low-pressure switch off, garden hose attachments, hose lengths and oil change kits are just some of the accessories available for the range of Flotec pumps.

When it comes to water management, Flotec is one of the most popular brand names in the world, renowned for high-quality, reliability and longevity. They have a range of pumps for domestic and commercial use which come complete with a three-year warranty.

The Flotec VIP pump range is designed for use with clean water alongside submersible pumps for draining wastewater. The Flotec VIP Vort is an auto submersible pump for clearing dirty water found in cesspools or sewage transfer as well as clearing floodwater. It is fitted with a float switch, motor housing and stainless steel shaft for added longevity.

The Biox range of Flotec pumps are similar to the VIP pumps and are used for draining cesspools, floodwater and transferring sewage. It features a float switch, motor shaft for continuous use and is made from hard-wearing stainless steel with a stainless-steel impeller. The Biox range can be immersed to a maximum of seven metres and can take waste particles with a maximum diameter of 40mm.

All Flotec pumps are designed to produce minimal operational noise and long periods of operation.

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