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Presfix Pressurisation Sets

Lowara Presfix Pressurisation units are designed to be used in sealed chilled water and heating systems. They can be fitted into both domestic and industrial applications. The units are used to replace water that has been lost through leaks and to keep the pressure at a consistent level. The Presfix units also provide a safety element, by preventing any damage occurring in the event of high or low pressure. The pressurisation units are available as both single and twin pump models.

The units use a horizontal pump, which has mechanical seals that are self-adjusting. The system is fitted with a flow limiting mechanism. This stops any floods that could be caused if there were any problems with the pipes or fittings. Within a standard vessel, the maximum operating temperature is 70 C. They all have replaceable diaphragms installed.

The Presfix units are installed into sealed systems, which offer a number of benefits over older types of system. In a sealed system it isn’t necessary to have a large tank of water placed high up in the property. They have expansion vessels fitted instead of storage tanks, which have no restrictions on the location in which they are placed. In open systems, water could evaporate making the system less effective and therefore more costly.

A sealed system results in minimal levels of corrosion, since it is protected from the atmosphere. Fresh water is used only to replace any lost through leaks. These types of system can function at higher temperatures if necessary. This reduces the circulation rate and requires a smaller pump and less piping.

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