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GXR Submersible Drainage Pumps

Calpeda GXR submersible drainage pumps are available in a choice of 110v, 240v or 415v motors. Electrical submersible pumps are quick and easy to use wherever they're required. They are extremely durable products and provide consistency and reliability where it's needed. These compact pumps are versatile and can be easily transported to any site. Some models use a floatswitch, providing an automatic start and stop function. The pumps are manufactured from chrome-nickel stainless steel and are fitted with a polypropylene handle. The Calpeda GXR pumps offer high levels of performance and can be used for a range of domestic applications:.

  • - clean water with solids (a maximum of 10mm in diameter)
  • - draining rooms, including flooded cellars
  • - emptying tanks
  • - to take water from ponds, streams or pits
  • - for rainwater collection
  • - for irrigation

The pumps use an open single impeller and have a vertical delivery port. They are fitted with a double shaft seal with an oil chamber. The motor is cooled as the pumped water passes between the motor jacket and the external jacket. The pumps can accommodate a maximum flow rate of 220 litres/min. They lift heads up to 12.7m and have a 1 ¼" discharge port. The GXR pumps are suitable for liquids up to a maximum temperature of 50oC and can be immersed up to a depth of 5m. The minimum water level for pumps with a floatswitch is 70mm and for those requiring manual operation the minimum is 15mm. The pumps are fitted with a 5m cable. However, when they are used for outdoor applications, the power cable should be at least 10m long.

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