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Pump Type

The type of pump you need depends on where it is being installed and what job it needs to do. Submersible pumps are suitable when the pump is required to operate while submerged as they are sealed units so water and electricity do not mix. Industrial pumps are necessary for pumping large volumes of water over long periods of time, compared to domestic pumps for pumping smaller volumes of water of shorter periods of time.

In both commercial and domestic environments, you may require a mix of commercial, domestic and industrial pumps, depending on what they are used for. For example, rainwater harvesting pumps, swimming pool pumps and hot water system pumps may all be necessary for a domestic setting. Whereas commercial pumps may be necessary for sanitary systems or as high-pressure pumps.

The main pump manufacturers offer a range of pumping solutions for different requirements and include Viking, Mono, Larius, Grundfos and Cat. They are primarily used for heating and circulation systems, showers, sanitary systems, spas, whirlpools, swimming pools, rainwater harvesting, wells and boreholes.

Both domestic and commercial pumps operate in the same way but on different scales. They can be placed in-line and also be multi-stage located, horizontally or vertically. Domestic water pumps circulate water around the system, providing hot water to the entire home on-demand when it is needed. They work alongside thermostats, zone valves and the boiler.

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