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Pump Accessories

Pumps are made to operate in a range of conditions. However, they sometimes need tailoring to fit a particular installation so there is a range of pump accessories available. These meet a variety of requirements and include heat pump, pool pump and water pump accessories. Our broad range of accessories includes:

Valve, Flange and Union Sets – to connect a pump into the water system installation

Relay Kits – for automatic switch over between pumps in twin pump operations

Insulation Kits – to insulate pumps in heating or air conditioning units

Shower Pump Accessories – includes flanges to remove air from shower circuits and negative head kits when the pump is above the cold water supply

Pulsation Dampeners – helps water flow freely in a system by reducing pulsation and keeping a steady pressure to decrease noise and vibration

Other Categories – accessories for borehole pumps, submersible pumps, vertical stage and booster pumps

Grundfos is a Danish manufacturer with a major division in the UK. They are a leading pump and accessories manufacturer of both domestic and commercial pumps.

Lowara is part of the international ITT group. They are worldwide suppliers of domestic and commercial pumps.

Blagdon Pumps are owned by IDEX Corporation in the USA. They manufacture diaphragm pumps.

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