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Grundfos Submersible Pumps (CC, KP, AP, APB)

The Grundfos KP range of drainage pumps are an ideal solution to dewatering problems including sump and cellar drainage, and dewatering of tanks, pools and other domestic and commercial applications. They suit both temporary and permanent installations and can drain grey waste water from domestic effluent in septic or sludge systems, as well as clean water.

The Unilift KP range is a single stage, stainless steel drainage pump in a compact design and made with a hermetically sealed stator housing also called a canned motor. The KP series comes in two versions:

-       Unilift KP-A with a float switch for automatic operation. This features an automatic start/stop. A clamp on the pump handle holds the float switch cable. The difference in level between start and stop can be adjusted by changing the free cable length between the pump handle and float switch. There is a KP-AV model with a vertical level switch and the difference in level between start and stop is not adjustable.
-       Unilift KP-M without a level switch and is for manual operation using an external start/stop.

The pump sleeve is made of stainless steel with an RP.1 discharge port and an insulating handle. The pumps have watertight vulcanised rubber plugs. Liquid enters the pump through holes in a suction strainer. This halts the passage of large solids. The impeller is sturdy with single-curved vanes and has bevelled edges to prevent any fibres from causing a blockage. The guide vanes allow sand grains in the liquid flow and prevent the sand from blocking the impeller. The grains may be up to 1mm diameter for the KP150, KP250 and KP350 models.

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