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Waste Water and Sewage Submersibles

Submersible light waste and sewage water submersible pumps are suitable for draining dirty water that contains soft solids. These include internal and external applications such as: Filling and emptying of containers and tanks, the drainage of flooded cellars and rainwater removal from any surface. They can also be used in septic tanks and to pump effluent from below the backwash level. They can pump fluids containing gaseous or abrasive particles. The pumped liquids can contain soft solids up to a diameter of 60 mm. Submersible grinder pumps are capable of pumping sewage in pipelines that contain faecal matter.

The ABS Piranha model 08-110 submersible grinder pump has been designed for efficient and cost-effective dewatering in private, public or industrial areas using equipment with small-diameter discharge lines. This includes. Sewage removal from houses in remote locations where the laying of conventional sewers is impractical or too expensive, where it is impossible to cut a reasonably level pipeline route or where only small-diameter pipes can be laid.

Removal of sewage from motorway verges, rest locations, public buildings or during renovations of older structures. To remove waste from food-processing plants, abattoirs, pulp and paper plants, and similar factories. The Piranha 08 and 09 models are specifically designed for domestic use. The maximum allowable temperature for the pumped liquid is 40 degrees Celsius but it can rise to 60 degrees Celsius if the pumping is for less than five minutes. The pumps are capable of shredding solid matter such as cloths and plastic bags.

The pump is pressure-tight with a fully flood-proof encapsulated motor. The motor shaft is made of stainless steel and is supported by ball bearings that have been permanently lubricated. All of the seals are independent of the direction of rotation and are resistant to temperature shock.

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