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ABS Pumps

ABS pumps provide a complete solution for collecting and removing wastewater and groundwater in domestic and commercial settings. For over half a decade, ABS has been a worldwide leader in wastewater technology for both light and medium duty submersible drainage pumps.

ABS Robusta pumps are capable of removing wastewater with solids up to 10mm in diameter and are suitable for light drainage duties. It has a motor housing made from corrosion-resistant material and an outer jacket made from durable plastic. This makes it fully flood-proof and ensures many years of usage.

The ABS Submersible Waterpump AS is ideal for removing wastewater containing solids of up to 80mm in diameter. It has a hydraulic design, featuring a Contrablock system or vortex impellers, which allows it to operate blockage free. This is one of the main benefits of this model.

If the AS overheats, it automatically turns off via the Thermo Control System which also turns the pump back on when it has cooled down. If layering conventional sewers is too expensive, ABS Piranha Submersible Grinder Pumps are a cost-effective alternative. It removes sewage from domestic units and can even shred items such as plastic bags and cloths.

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