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TP/TPE D/TPE2/TPE2 D/TPE3/TPE3 D/TP D/ In-Line Pumps

The Grundfos range of high efficiency TP, TPD, TPE and TPED in-line pumps has a wide range of applications including:

-       Heating systems
-       Cooling systems
-       District heating and cooling systems
-       Industrial processes
-       Water supply
-       Industrial cooling

The TP and TPE pumps are highly adaptable intelligent pumps.

-       The TP model comes with the highly efficient IE3 Grundfos Bluflux motor as standard
-       The TPE models features the IE3 Bluflux motor as well as an integrated frequency converter that ensures maximum efficiency at all times. All of the TPE components are tailor made and mutually optimised. This can result in energy savings of up to 50 percent compared with other conventional pumps. These pumps are suitable for applications where the pressure, temperature, flow rate or any other parameter is to be controlled on the basis of signals from a sensor located at a particular point in the system.
-       The TPD and TPED are twin headed variations of the TP and TPE models. Twin headed pumps have two parallel power heads.
-       The TP and TPD pumps are available with standard motors while the TPE and TPED pumps come with electronically controlled motors.

The motors fan in TP pumps produces noise. The selection of a TPE pump will partially reduce the noise level at a partial load. This is because the motor and the motor fan run at a lower speed. Flow noise from control valves is also reduced at partial load for TPE pumps. It is a good idea to consider dampening motors of 11 kilowatt or higher capacity.

TP and TPD pumps are of a top pull-out design. The power head can be removed for maintenance or service while the pump housing remains in the pipe work.

Communications with TPE pumps is possible via a building central management system, the Grundfos R100 remote control or a control panel. If the TPE pump is installed outdoors, the motor should have a suitable cover to avoid condensation on the electronic components and to protect the pump and its elements from direct effects of the weather.

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