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Water damage from flooding can be distressing, expensive and in some cases life-threatening. It's important, therefore, that when you need water pumping from rivers, pits, cellars or underground passages, you have equipment you can rely on and which is strong enough to do the job effectively. The Ama-Drainer N, from KSB Pumps, is the latest generation of submersible pump, designed with state-of-the-art hydraulic systems and motors to offer high and reliable levels of performance.

Available in four sizes, and capable of operating at a depth of up to two meters, the Ama-Drainer N 301/302/303 can handle up to 14 cubic meters per hour of waste water, with a maximum head of 12 meters, and deal with particles up to 10mm in diameter. Its larger counterpart, the Ama-Drainer 358, has the additional bonus of being able to deal with long, stringy fibres and solid particles up to 35 mm in diameter. It has a maximum flow rate of 16.5 cubic meters per hour and the maximum head is 8.3 meters.

Ama-Drainer N submersible pumps offer users a range of benefits, including reliability, integrity, ease of installation and operation and adaptability, with a salt/corrosive option also available. With a choice of either a magnetic or connected float switch, the Ama-Drainer N can travel underwater or remain stationary, as needs and conditions dictate. KSB Pumps have a long-held and well-established reputation for quality engineering products which offer solutions to specific waste-water problems. The Ama-Drainer N is the latest product to continue this tradition.

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