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Shower Pumps

At Online Pump Supplies our wide range of shower pumps are manufactured by top end brands to ensure reliability and long life. There has been an increasing demand for high performance showers, which has resulted in the introduction of a huge range of shower pumps that work differently to produce the required result of a more powerful shower. Shower pumps are designed to provide the necessary boost to restricted water flow in order to improve the performance of your shower.

Shower pumps push the water to your shower head, using specially designed high performance technology. There is a single head or twin head option, depending on your specific requirements. The twin headed pump has two impellers that work with the cold and hot water supplies separately, whereas the single head has only one driving blade which pumps the water as it is mixed to the shower head. Shower pumps are the ideal solution to increase the flow rate of your shower, resulting in an improved shower experience. No matter what your current system is we have a pump that can improve the overall performance of your particular shower. As well as the wide choice we offer, we can also guarantee that all our shower pump products have been specially designed, built and tested to ensure maximum safety, high quality and durability.

If you would like to learn more about the selection of shower pump products currently on offer from Anchor Pumps, or about any of the other drainage products available on our website, simply contact us by phone or continue to browse our online store for more details.

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