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Lowara SC (Scuba)

Lowara Scuba SC submersible pumps closed couple multi stage submersible pumps with an electric motor that is cooled by the pumped liquid. They are made of AISI 304 stainless steel and Noryl. The technopolymer impeller and stainless steel diffusers provide state-of-the-art operational efficiency and excellent performance.

These pumps are suitable for moving clean water from water wells, reservoirs, tanks and irrigation systems. The five-inch closed couple submersible pumps are compact with a double mechanical seal system that ensures a long operational life. They come in versions with or without a float switch. The single phase version has an internal capacitor and built in thermal protection. This is why the pump does not require a connection to a control panel to start the pump and also allows for a neater installation. Specifications

  • • Maximum liquid temperature of 40 degrees C
  • • Maximum immersion depth of 20 metres or 10 metres for those pumps with a floater switch.
  • • Single and three phase 50 Hz and 60 Hz power supply
  • • Liquid delivery of up to 7.5 cubic metres per hour for the 50 Hz version and a head of up to 80 metres. • The 60 Hz version delivers eight cubic metres per hour of liquid with a head of up to 75 metres
  • • Pump power ratings range from 0.55 kW to 1.10 kW
  • • Free passage of up to 2.5 mm


  • • Pumping water from water supply tanks, reservoirs, five-inch diameter wells, Roman wells, basins and water courses
  • • Sprinkler irrigation systems
  • • Pressure boosting when the pump is inserted directly inside a tank or well. This method of pumping is designed to prevent suction problems and noise
  • • Fountains, artificial waterfalls and other decorative water features.
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