Grundfos Comfort Hot Water Service Circulator

Grundfos Comfort circulators can be used in domestic hot water and heating systems, as well as air conditioning and cooling appliances. They are used as a secondary circulator. The Comfort circulators can be fitted into open or closed systems, but they have to be installed inside. These pumps can only be used in circulation systems that have been pressurised.

These pumps can be used with a range of liquids:

- clean, non-explosive and non-aggressive liquids that contain no solids or fibres

- cooling liquids with no mineral oil

- softened water

- hot water

The circulators are fitted with a single-phase motor that uses permanent-magnet technology. This is a spherical motor, where there is no rotating bearing shaft. The magnetic field is transferred to the rotor by the stator. The water conducting element of the system is completely independent of the stator. The impeller is resistant to corrosion.

The Comfort pumps have an integrated timer. This enables the system to be set to permanently on and off or to start and stop itself at regular intervals. They are also fitted with an adjustable thermostat. This allows the pump to switch off when the liquid reaches a preset temperature. Some of the models use the AUTOADAPT system. This enables them to automatically set the required temperature depending on the demands of the system. This reduces the amount of energy that the system uses, whilst maintaining a comfortable temperature. Comfort circulators are suitable for use with liquids that range in temperature from 2oC to 95oC. They are easy to maintain and service, as the motor comes apart from the actual pump housing.