Grundfos CM-G Horizontal Multistage Booster Pumps

Grundfos CM pumps are horizontal and multi-stage units. These booster pumps are non-self-priming. They operate on either 240v or 415v motors which are connected to the mains electricity. They are centrifugal end-suction pumps. The pumps can be used in a wide range of environments, from small domestic settings through to larger industrial applications. CM pumps are suitable for:

  • - Water treatment
  • - Washing and cleaning
  • - Boosting pressure
  • - Controlling temperatures
  • - Distilling systems
  • - Evaporation
  • - Dosing and mixing
  • - Chemical and pharmaceutical applications
  • They are compact units, as the base plate has a low profile. This enables the pump to be installed into confined areas without any issues. The CM range of pumps is easy to install and extremely reliable. It requires no specialist tools for fitting and spare parts are available if required. They are manufactured from a choice of cast iron or stainless steel, providing a durable pump that is resistant to wear and tear. The pumps are capable of dry running and operate almost silently.

    These pumps are built using a modular system, which offers flexibility to the user. They can be customised and adapted to suit the individual requirements of each customer. There is a choice of different sizes and number of stage options, providing users with the exact level of pressure and flow that they require. The CM pumps can use a variety of frequency and voltage combinations, enabling the products to be used across the world. The pumps are all energy-efficient and meet EuP Directive regulations.