Solids Handling Pumps

The Grundfos sewage pump is specifically designed to handle demanding sewage and wastewater challenges in private or public environments. With superb Grundfos build quality, these pumps are available in a range of motor sizes, up to 2.5KW. They can handle wastewater with large amounts of fibre in the water, and have special features for these jobs, such as a smooth pump surface to prevent dirt adhering to it, and a self-cleaning impeller, to lessen the risk of clogs or jamming.

A solids handling pump needs to be able to pump both sewage and wastewater in a diverse range of applications. The Grundfos SL/SLV pumps can handle everything you throw at them. They are single-channel impellers and can be used submerged, but freestanding, or submerged but auto-coupled. The bearings are greased for life, so are maintenance-free. There’s an explosion-proof option on the motors which is designed for safe use in potentially explosive environments. They’ll automatically cut out in case of leakage.

The sewage grinder pump can be used to process untreated sewage, in environments where there is no mains sewage. Pressurised systems are energy-efficient, and use smaller pressure pipes, so these pumps are more environmentally-friendly, yet they are still able to grind solids down to very small pieces. They can operate in areas of high groundwater and difficult terrain and the robust, cast-iron build means they’ll give years of service.