Single Stage In-Line Pumps

A single stage in-line pump is a type of closed coupled centrifugal pump that has an impeller mounted on the motor shaft. These pumps are designed specifically to be located in just about any position in a pipeline. Although the pumps may be fitted vertically or horizontally, it is important to ensure that the motor never falls below the horizontal plane. The pump housing is usually made of cast iron, while the impellers are made of stainless steel.

The discharge and suction nozzles are both located on the same centre line 180 degrees apart. Vertical pumps invariably minimise the space required for the pumping action as two pumps can fit in the place of one. These pumps are easy to maintain because the cap screws, motor and bracket assembly are easily removed from the casing without disturbing the pipe work. This type of pump is designed for the following applications:

  • • Boiler and hydronic heating
  • • Chilled water
  • • Air-conditioning systems
  • • Cooling towers
  • • Wash-down systems
  • • Industrial water pumping
  • These pumps usually move water and other liquids that are clean, chemically non-aggressive and non-explosive. The liquids should not contain solid particles or fibres.

    The model 1590 Series Pentair single stage vertical in-line pump has a liquid delivery capacity of 1,020 cubic metres per hour and a maximum head of 112 metres. It can function in liquid temperatures of up to 120 degrees C. The Lowara FC-FCT range of cast-iron in-line centrifugal pumps is close-coupled with a special motor shaft extension. These pumps can deliver up to 330 cubic metres per hour of liquid, with a maximum head of 89 metres. The maximum operating pressure is 16 bar, while the temperature range of the pumped liquid is -20 degrees C to +140 degrees C.