Single Stage End Suction

Single stage end suction pumps are used generally in demanding industrial applications. They need to ensure process reliability, efficiency and low operating costs. Their main applications are: to move clean and lightly, contaminated liquids, viscous liquids, fibrous slurries and liquids containing large solids.

End suction pumps are usually the lowest initial cost solution to the movement of these liquids. The pumps are typically constructed with cast iron casing and bronze or brass impellers. These are usually closed constructions without replaceable casing or impeller wearing rings. These are useful pumps for non critical, intermittent service applications. However, there are upgraded end suction pumps for critical applications that require a long operating life and are able to handle toxic liquids and slurries. The Aurora 320 Series of end suction pumps have a capacity to deliver 75 cubic metres per hour of liquids with heads to 42 metres and maximum liquid temperatures of +107 degrees C. The standard features on these pumps include:

  • • Top centre mounted casing
  • • Stainless steel shaft. A dynamically balanced impeller is keyed into the shaft and secured by an AISI 316 stainless steel cap screw and washer.
  • • O-ring casing gasket. No gaskets are pierced by bolts or studs to ensure maximum trouble free sealing.
  • • Case wearing ring
  • • Buna-N and AISI 316 stainless steel mechanical seal
  • • Grease l8ubriocated bearings
  • • Vacuum cast impeller
  • • Coupling guard
  • Optional features include totally enclosed motors and optional discharge positions. An enclosed impeller provides the highest efficiency and the lowest wear for a long service life. The vertical centre line discharge option in this range of pumps avoids gas locks and minimises pipe strain.